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Automotive Logistics

At our facility in the customs-free zone (EPZ) in Lad Krabang, Fair & Easy handles both CBU vehicles as well as spare parts.

For the vehicles, we provide 6 rai (9,600 sq.m.) of outside storage space. The storage space is under 24/7 surveillance by guards as well as a CCTV system. Access to the storage space requires a security badge. This area also hosts a 1,000 sq.m. workshop.

We provide long-term storage for stock units as well as short-term storage vehicles that are marked for distribution, modification or outfitting.

Outfitting is offered as a value-added service. This includes modifying a pick-up truck into an ambulance or a fire truck, or simply adding a snorkel, a canopy or a step for convenience. If our customers contract their own outfitter, we provide the space and they can use our 1,000 sq.m. workshop.

We also offer distribution of CBU vehicles by FCL, roro vessel and truck (to neighbouring countries), as well as PDI (pre-delivery inspection) for import vehicles.

Spare parts are received from overseas or from bonded areas in Thailand at our separate closed and locked warehouse, located in the same customs free zone. We offer receiving, storage, pick-&-pack, and international distribution by air and by sea.

We also handle receiving, pick-&-pack as well as export by air and sea for spare parts not under bond, as our main warehouse in downtown Bangkok.

Our services can be tailored to your needs. This is what we are good at. Please let us know your requirements.