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Aircraft Charters

We have handled full charter cargo aircraft from small (Cessna Caravan) to large (Ilyushin 76). Our customers are usually in emergency relief, or in international entertainment. Other customers just have unusual requirements, such as a Cargo Aircraft Only shipment to a destination where no scheduled cargo aircraft fly.

Emergency relief goods are usually sent by scheduled aircraft from overseas warehouses to Bangkok for transit by charter to the affected areas. We have handled such charters carrying the transited goods since the early 1990s, to Cambodia, until 2008, to Myanmar and Chengdu/China after the natural disasters.

Our services include consulting on documentation so that the transit clearance will proceed without delays, customs transit handling, supervising the loading of the aircraft, coordinating with Ground Handling about all issues including cargo moving equipment if necessary, and repping for the customer until push-back. The customer will be kept informed of every step until ATD is reported.

Entertainment cargo includes sound and stage equipment for international concerts, who often come in on chartered aircraft. Please see the Entertainment Cargo section for more info. On the charter side, our services include meeting the aircraft on the tarmac, supervising the unloading from the aircraft and moving to and loading onto the trucks for delivery. After the concert, we will again supervise the unloading of the trucks and the loading of the aircraft and stay with the aircraft until push-back.

We can also arrange for the actual chartering of aircraft, and not only from Thailand but from or to anywhere in the region. From Cessna Caravan to Ilyushin 76 Chartering, representation, cargo transit handling. Updating the customer at every step.