Fair & Easy


Thailand is the the biggest producer of cars and pick-up trucks in S.E. Asia. We handle exports of brand-new vehicles for official distributors and dealers of several Japanese and American brands. The customers are mainly located in Europe and the Americas and do not have other representation in Thailand. Most of these customers sell into the Aid & Development Market, such as UN agencies and NGOs, Governments and Embassies. Some customers are vehicle distributors in the commercial markets. Fair & Easy stores vehicles in Customs Free Zones in Thailand and moves them by car-carrier trucks to neighbouring countries, and by sea to worldwide destinations.

Fair & Easy also handles imports of vehicles into Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. Imports into Thailand and Laos are usually for relief organisations or government agencies (often donations by other governments or by the UN). In Cambodia, the official importers and distributors of a number of Japanese, European and American brands are our customers.